Top 5 Best Krabi Hikes

The Ngorn Nak Mountain Hike leads to the summit 500 meters above Ao Nang and Noppharat Thara beaches.
The peak of Ngorn Nak mountain is just to the right of center in this photo from the beach. If you are fit, you should definitely hike this amazing nature trail while you’re on vacation in Krabi!

To be honest, there just aren’t that many places to hike in Krabi, but the dozen or so places we do have are pretty special and you won’t go wrong planning your Krabi vacation around hiking in the area!

Below we’ve chosen our TOP 5 KRABI HIKES that you definitely shouldn’t miss if you’re active and looking for a little adventure while you’re staying in Krabi Town or Ao Nang Beach.

Read the summary for each of the Top 5 Best Hikes below, or click one of the links here to see complete information pages for each hike:


#1 Ngon Nak Nature Trail (Dragon Crest Mountain)

Ngon Nak (Dragon Crest) mountain nature trail leads to the summit at 500 meters elevation. This is a 2-3 hour trip to the top for most people.
Ngon Nak (Dragon Crest) mountain nature trail leads to the summit at 500 meters elevation. This is a 2-3 hour trip to the top for most people.

Why is Ngon Nak Nature Trail one of the Best Hiking Adventures in Krabi?

This Krabi Hike can be a 1/2 day or full day adventure! This trail is only 3.7 km long to the peak viewpoint. That’s 2.3 miles. OK, double it for the round-trip. That’s 7.4 km or 4.6 miles. You’re probably thinking ‘anyone can hike that far!’ And it’s almost true. Many people can.

Let’s estimate that half the people reading this can handle this climb, and half cannot. It’s a very strenuous climb. We know someone who climbs it fast in just 40 minutes to the top. When they hold the race to the top every year there is consistently one guy who can do it in 28 minutes. That’s as fast as is possible for almost anyone. For most of you reading it’s going to take you about 2 hours up and 2 hours down. With the ride out to the park in Nong Thale subdistrict, that’s a half-day hiking excursion already. BUT there is a good number of you who will take 3 hours or more to climb this beast! It is not really faster coming down either because you have to be careful on the technical trail not to slip. So, if it takes you 3 hours up, it will probably take nearly 3 hours to come down. Remember this as you plan your trip. It is dark in the forest by 6 p.m. It is completely dark by 6:30 p.m.

Four (4) Viewpoints on the way up! Even if you decide it is too extreme and you cannot finish your hike, you can possibly make it to the first viewpoint which is only about 1.8 km (1.1 miles) into the hike! From there you can see Krabi’s amazing Thalen Bay, islands, and blue sky! The next viewpoint after that is just five minutes away, so you can probably see that one too. The next viewpoint is nearly at the top. Each view offers something different. The final peak viewpoint is mind-blowing! You can see the beaches, the mountains in front of you, and the limestone karst and mountains all over Krabi from this vantage point. This is the BEST VIEW IN KRABI!

#2 Khao Phanom Mountain Peak Hike

Khao Phanom mountain hike to the summit. Open during dry season.
A very challenging, but rewarding hike that includes eating and sleeping near the highest peak before climbing up to the summit in the morning the next day. Climbing up takes around 7 hours. Climbing down, about the same time.

Well, the last hike was strenuous, but this Krabi hike requires excellent fitness and is not for everyone! This one is only for very fit people who don’t mind climbing a steep mountain slowly for 7 hours! This will bring you up to the camping area where you’ll pitch a tent and eat and sleep so you can wake up in the morning for the final push to the peak of Khao Phanom (Phanom mountain).

Why Is Khao Phanom on the Top 5 Hikes List?

This is the highest mountain in Krabi province (1,400 meters – 4,600 feet), and it is a long, involved hike over quite a distance and elevation gain. The climb up is rigorous and only for very fit people who can hike for 15 hours in two days. You must hire a guide when you climb this mountain. The fee for rangers to guide you is 1,000 per guide per person. They typically take two guides. So, if you have a party of 4 people, you’ll be paying 8,000 THB total. We think the rate is VERY reasonable. A comparable trip in the USA would cost around $300+ per person.

There are multiple viewpoints during this hike, and the mountains and surroundings can be photographed on clear days (most days). This hike is NOT open during the rainy season. In 2013 due to excessive rain, part of the mountain fell away in a landslide that killed 18 villagers below in Krabi’s Phanom district.

This is the longest hike and the most difficult hike in Krabi province. Everyone who goes reports seeing interesting animals like leopard cats, owls, bats, snakes, toads, birds, squirrels, hog badgers, and other animals. If you’re looking for an incredible overnight hike – this is the one!

#3 Crystal Pool Hike

A fun Krabi hike with a freshwater reward at the end in the form of a cool refreshing dip.
One of the most picturesque places in Krabi province is the Crystal Pool (Emerald Pool) just outside of Krabi. The hike on the boardwalk is also beautiful and provides many photo-taking opportunities! Don’t miss this one if you have kids! ©

Crystal Pool, also called Emerald Pool and Sra Morakot is a blue/green freshwater pool fed by an underground spring. This is about an hour from Krabi Town down past the airport and Nuea Khlong, in Khlong Thom. You pay the national park fee of 200 THB or whatever they’re charging foreigners now. Thais usually just walk in free. You can make a right off the dirt road and go on the raised concrete boardwalk and take the long way (about 1.3 km – almost a mile) or you can just continue up the dirt road and it’s about 900 meters (around 1/2 mile) to reach Crystal Pool.

Why is the Crystal Pool Hike one of the Top 5 Hikes in Krabi?

Mainly because it leads to the Crystal pool and Blue Pool – two amazing spots that you should see as early in the morning as possible before the crowds arrive. Note, it is usually crowded now!

The boardwalk takes you through lush rainforest alongside freshwater streams and pools of water. You can sometimes see snakes, squirrels, monkeys, lizards, monitors, and of course fish in the water.

#4 Krabi Night Wildlife Hikes!

Frog found on night wildlife hike in Krabi province.
We always find frogs, toads, insects, spiders, birds or owls, and usually slow lorises. Sometimes we find Hog Badgers, snakes, calugos, and other animals. The Night Wildlife Hikes are often the highlight of the trip for adults and kids alike!

Why is the Night Wildlife Hike in the Top 5 Krabi Hikes?

To be honest, we think this one is the best, but not everyone likes to find wildlife at night, so we’ll drop it in here at #4.

Walking around at night in the jungle or along the forest edge, there is a lot to find in the way of wildlife! Hikers typically find geckos, lizards sleeping, slow lorises, frogs, toads, spiders, centipedes, millipedes, sleeping insects, bats, owls, snakes, and even hog badgers! The satisfaction rate of hikers on our Night Wildlife Tours is higher than any other tour offered. If you enjoyed being a kid, you’re going to love this wildlife tour. Bring your camera! Night macro photography tips included so you can get the best photos possible. No fancy flash needed, the headlamps are bright enough that you won’t need a flash in almost all situations!

There are 3 different hikes we do for this Night Wildlife Excursion. Find out more HERE >

#5 Rainforest Day Hikes

Krabi rainforest day hike at Khao Phanom mountain, a 3-4 hour hike through the forest to a viewpoint.
Though ranked #5, this is out of over a dozen hikes in Krabi. This is a challenging walk up a small mountain to a viewpoint. Participants will feel like they accomplished something by the end of it! ©

Why are the Rainforest Day Hikes Ranked in the Top 5?

The Krabi Rainforest Day Hikes take you up part of the Khao Phanom mountain chain and leads to a viewpoint. The climb is right through the middle of the tropical rainforest and it’s hot and challenging, but that’s what we like about it. On some occasions, the hike will go the whole way to the Huay Toh Waterfall (7-8 hours!) but usually, hikers are content to just do the 3-4 hour climb up the small mountain.

One of the highlights of the trip is that you get to eat at a lakeside restaurant with amazing food that is very fairly priced. It’s optional, of course, but you’ll probably work up an appetite for a meal or at least a fruit shake or other ice-cold drink!