Krabi River Hike

Sign for Krabi Urban Forest (Mangrove Walkway) Hike
A nice nature walk, though short. You could walk back and forth on it as many times as you want, it’s free.

All along the Krabi River in Krabi Town is a sidewalk you can walk along for exercise as fast as you want. There are few bikes on the sidewalk and few people overall, so you won’t generally find it to be crowded. It’s a nice way to get some exercise and see the sites along the river which include Thara Park, The Krabi Marina, a Night Market, and the Krabi Crab statues. Oh, and if you go the whole way up the sidewalk, you’ll run right into the Mangrove Walkway, now called the “Krabi Urban Forest.”

This walkway is made of concrete and is above the mangrove roots and brackish water of Krabi “river” which is not a river at all, but an inlet. There are a variety of birds, gliding lizards, geckos, crabs, mudskippers, snakes, eagles, and monkeys with a very bad attitude. DO NOT smile at them or threaten them in any way. Do not carry a stick or wear a hat around them. They are quite fierce. We’re not sure why the city of Krabi allows this troop to live there, they are hazardous. We were nearly attacked one day! So, if you see the monkeys on the walkway, turn around and walk back the way you came.

The Mangrove Walkway is in generally good condition for hiking.
Keep an eye out for monkeys, they are not friendly here!

Total distance from the bottom of Thara Park on the river to the last bit of raised walkway at the Mangrove Walkway is about 2.25 miles (3.6 km) one-way. So both ways is 4.5 miles and 7.2 km – a nice hike!

This is another Krabi hike you can do anytime you choose. The Mangrove Walkway is rarely closed, and now that the COVID19 virus safety measures are being relaxed you can be sure Thara Park is open as well. We went today (6/16/20) and it was open and business as usual.

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Krabi River Hike Map

Krabi River Hike map starting at Thara Park in the south (bottom) and going up to the Krabi Urban Forest (Mangrove Walkway).
Krabi River Hike map starting at Thara Park in the south (bottom) and going up to the Krabi Urban Forest (Mangrove Walkway).

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